Privacy Policy

At Cash Sick, it is imperative to us that all your information is kept private and secure.

The following statement is our current working Privacy Policy. Should you have any questions about disability insurance and your security on this site, please do not hesitate to ask.

What steps have you taken to protect my information?

All information submitted through the Cash Sick site is secured through Network Solutions, a leading provider of internet security technology. Every piece of data that passes through the site is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. This means your information is always safe when it travels across the web.

Will you sell my information?

As a valued customer and disability insurance individual, we would never even think to sell your information to anyone; ever.

Why do you need my information and how are you using it?

The only questions we ever ask are solely related to obtaining the best possible disability insurance quote on the market. The most effective way to accurately match you with the best disability insurance planis to inquire about things like your general health, lifestyle, family history, etc… Basically, anything that you would tell an insurance carrier, is what we would need to know to best serve your needs.One of our licensed professionals will then review your information and, if necessary, either call or email you to clarify any questions they may have; while also providing you with any information you requested.

Additionally, we may reach out to contact you about various insurance products that we feel may best meet your needs. As professionals in the disability insurance business for over 15 years, we are committed to handling your information in the most responsible manner, always.

Should you have any questions regarding the information submitted to Cash Sick, please contact us at 1-855-233-4280.

How will you provide my information to insurance companies and how will they use it?

The only time Cash Sick will provide your data to another company is through your explicit authorization. Once we begin the process of choosing your disability insurance individual carrier and policy, you will receive a final copy of paperwork. You will also need to sign off on this prior to us submitting any information to your carrier of choice.

Any data we do submit is only for the sole purpose of finding you the best disability insurance products possible. When underwriting the application for disclosures and releases, your information may be submitted to request credit, medical and/or driving records from a third party. Every authorization for these requests is also included in the application process.

How can I view my information submitted?

Your information that has been submitted to Cash Sick can always be accessed simply by contacting us at:


This is how you can review your data and update any corrections that need to be made. Please have all your information ready when you call or e-mail as we must verify your identity prior to releasing any account data. This is yet another step we must take to safeguard your identity and ensure your application is secure.

Do you use “cookies”

Almost every major website at this point uses cookies to customize the user experience. It is also a way to enhance security by allowing us to identify you when you log in to view your personal data. Additionally, the cookies we assign help to easily populate the forms and documents that are relative to your account, and yours alone.

If you set your browser to disable cookies, the Cash Sick may not function properly. If you prefer to avoid the internet altogether, you can give us a call at 1-855-233-4280 and we can discuss a disability insurance individual plan right over the phone.

We never use cookies to collect your personal data, nor are we capable of accessing your hard drive through them. They are simply there to make your experience more enjoyable.

Occasionally, Cash Sick may use GIF files that help us to manage our online advertising. These graphics are typically provided by our partners throughout the campaign and quickly disappear when it ends. These files allow the advertiser to recognize unique cookies on your browser which we then use for analytics. This cookie was placed with explicit permission from Cash Sick and contains anonymous data that is not personally identifiable.